Finally, The First Practical Step By Step, Road map and Fat Loss Breakthrough That is
100% Guaranteed to Work For You No Matter How Overweight
Or Embarrassingly Out of shape You Currently Are…

“Discover The Amazing Fat Loss Formula That Burns Fat Like Crazy… 100, 200, Even 300 Pounds Like It Did For Me!”

“In the pages that follow is your chance to learn, Step by Step how I lost over 300 pounds of fat and gained 50 pounds of lean muscle… transforming me from an embarrassingly obese fatso to a lean muscular athlete LITERALLY OVERNIGHT”

Dear Friend,

I was a nearly 500 pound cab driver, fat, obese, depressed and embarrassed about the way I looked… I felt helpless and sickened every time I looked in the mirror.

I had trouble doing normal everyday tasks like putting on my socks and shoes, or getting in and out of my car.

I hated myself and often cried, alone in my lonely apartment.

“How did I let this happen to me? How am I ever going to go on the vacations and do the events all my regular friends do?”

I you’re grossly overweight like I was, I’m sure you can relate to the pain and embarrassment I suffered every day basically trying to just live a “normal” life…

Look at me in the picture on the left and you can see why my doctor told me “Rob you need to change your lifestyle IMMEDIATELY, You must lose hundreds of pounds or you’re not going to live to age 40. You’re a walking heart attack waiting to happen”

If You MUST LOSE 25, 100, Even 300 Pounds of Fat Like I Had To,
What Your Are About To Read May Save Your Life

Let me explain a little about my, as some have called the most, “mind blowing and shocking physique transformation they have even seen.”

But first I have to be honest with you. I was so fat and out of shape that I didn’t really believe I was going to look like a bodybuilder or “athlete” in less than three years.

In fact, I was in terrible denial and, I tried to convince myself and lie to myself daily, But underneath I was crying out for help. A voice inside me knew and reminded me of the truth that…”

Something Was Incredibly Wrong With Me And
I Desperately Had To Take Action NOW

I started by imagining wearing stylish clothes and envisioning myself in my new body, I dreamed of all the things I could do being in great shape, all the things that were a pain in the ass for me as a 500 POUND FATSO - all the things THAT ARE TAKEN FOR GRANTED by the “normal weight” people.

And that’s just the start! I bought and devoured every book and magazine I could get my hands on to do with weight loss and natural health. I became the most knowledgeable fatso on losing fat, on this side of the planet!

And the result?

I got confused by all the conflicting information and obvious marketing exaggerations and misinformation causing information overload - leaving me wondering what to do…

How many of these weight loss tips / diet programs sound familiar?

eat 6 meals a day,

eat mostly protein,

don’t eat before bed,

low fat is best,

fats are good for us, don’t avoid them,

carbohydrates are bad, carbohydrates are good, “what’s a carbohydrate?”

don’t drink diet pop – it’ll kill you,

only eat raw food,

grain will kill you, eat like a caveman

drink smoothies,

become a vegetarian and your whole life will change,

Drink Wu Chi Min tea (or whatever) and all your prayers will be answered

candida – the evil enemy and

Eat alkaline foods, avoid acidic foods

Worms – oh my god WORMS or parasites in our colons.

To Make Matters Worse, I was Now Confused And Feared…

What Am I Going To Do? Who’s Telling The Truth…
And How Do I Start?

Worst of all…

I was a 475 pound cab driver, working nights and wearing the same clothes day in and day out because
I HATED going shopping.

Shopping meant walking and standing upright for too long that my back eventually gave out. I was so pathetically out of shape that movement of any sort, for any amount of time had me dripping sweat and stinking in places I didn’t know could stink.

And to add to this…

When I slept, I kept a bottle of Pepto Bismol next to my bed!

I had to sip on it at night because I had damaged my digestive system from the years of abuse I didn’t even know I was doing to myself!

The acid in my stomach was so bad, it would wake me up. It eventually got so bad, I had to sleep practically sitting upright so that I didn’t burn a hole through my throat.

Your Obesity is Not Your Fault…
I Know Because I Was Probably Fatter Than You

Once I Learned Some Simple Lifestyle Changes,
My Fat Literally Burned Off Me…

Seriously… I’ve never told anyone this embarrassing story I’m about to reveal …

I used to drive from McDonalds to McDonalds and get a “supersized”, shake and fries, driving non stop from drive through to drive through each and every day.

I created tricks and wasted so much gas to hide my “out of control” eating binges. I couldn’t help myself, I was addicted to eating all day long and made sure I always had a dozen donuts or “supersized” shakes and fries.

I was ashamed and even lied to the drive thru attendants telling sad stories like…

“My wife’s pregnant” (I didn’t have a girlfriend, let alone a wife…)

I would binge every day on fast food garbage, stopping at every fast food place that had drive through’s..


I Ate Over 10,000 Calories Every Day, Every Week For Years and Years


But one day I was literally slapped out of my denial…

At my peak of disgusting obesity, at a body weight of 475 pounds, the proverbial “stuff hit the fan”.

I was sitting at home after a night of driving the night shift “pigging out on junk food”, when I had what I refer to as my “episode”.

My Heart Freaked Out On Me,
I Couldn’t Breathe And
My Life Flashed In Front Of My Eyes…

As I held my chest breathless… and probably dying…

I envisioned my parents finding me dead, at only 22 years of age!

I panicked with shameful thoughts of what I had become and if I die right now, as a 500 pound fat slob, I really had nothing to show for my life.

It put the fear of God in me! I had to do something about this now, but I had no idea where to even start.

All I knew was that the fried foods I feasted on were bad and the salt was not doing me any favors either.

Amazingly - Facing Death Started What Became
My Life Long, Easy To Follow
and Stick To It System
That Forever Changed Me… From a Fatso On My Death Bed
To The Person I Had Envisioned I Desperately Wanted To Be!!

What I learned and applied over the next 30 months took me on an incredible journey of health and fitness.

I went on to drop 288 pounds of fat and gain over 50 pounds of lean fat burning muscle tissue and now I want to share these same secrets of health with you.


This material is very meticulously laid out with great thought, detail, research and care. Rob makes it so simple to understand what whole foods are and for me, and he took the fear out of trying new things.

I have dropped approximately 4.5lbs this first week. All I know is that the changes I am choosing to make are having an impact on how I feel and I am losing weight.

Tim Aucoin, Calgary, Canada

It’s time for you to take action and learn the truth about how these simple step by step nutritional fundamentals can impact your weight and health!

It’s time for you to take action and do the most important thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones… get results! Get your life back before it’s too late!


“You Don’t Need To Know A Thing About Nutrition, Healthy Eating, Or Exercise, Because I’m Going To Lead You, By The Hand, Step By Step.”



I was a nutritional “moron”. I started out knowing only two things:

1 - Fried food was bad

2 - Salt was bad.

That was it.

I began a journey of reading everything I could get my hands on about natural health, fitness, exercise, juicing, macrobiotics, fasting and then began to try new things I had learned everyday at every meal. It was a lot of work and experimentation… I got frustrated at times and the thought of giving up crossed my mind daily.

But I wanted it so bad, I kept using myself as a “human guinea pig”.

Eventually the mysteries and myths were replaced by science and dramatic visual proof. What I had worked so technically on was paying off by the pounds shedding, increased energy and improved self image!

I was transforming into a new man and loved the comments I started getting everywhere I went… even by a special woman I didn’t have the guts to talk to as FATSO ROB… Now she noticed me!… and enought to initiate a conversation!

…It got me so fired up that it pushed me to lose nearly THREE HUNDRED POUNDS of fat in just under 30 months!

In my new book, Fat Loss Fundamentals, I will take you step by step through what to do and what to expect in your new journey to health so you can model the exact steps that I took and get the same results…. without all the pain and headache I had to go through!

… And I even teach you how to accelerate it all, by putting into practice what I’ve learned in the years since, supercharging your results!

Here’s a small sample of the Fat Loss Strategies you can learn to apply right away!

  • Simple ways to maximize your digestion and get full benefit out of the food you eat
  • How to easily and effectively get rid of Candida once and for all and why you must!
  • How to begin a simple exercise program , and what exactly to do to maximize results
  • How and why to change the acid levels in your body to lose weight
  • How your mind plays a role in achieving anything you want , including weight loss
  • Why you must focus on your health , not weight loss for life long success
  • Why fat is good for you and why you must eat fat in order to lose weight
  • Simple replacement foods that practically assure your success
  • How stress plays a HUGE role in your weight loss success
  • How to restock your kitchen so you’ll have easy, healthy choices to snack on
  • How snacks can work in your benefit , not against you
  • How you get to eat more, not eat less!
  • How to have your attitude adjusted so that you’ll do whatever it takes to burn fat and other Fat Loss Attitudes - bonus material other fat loss coaches call “transformational”!

And what money just can’t buy!:

I’m Going To Lay It All Out For You, The Juicy Secrets, Tips and
Rarely Mentioned Secrets That Will Torch The Fat Off You So Fast
Your Parents And Peers Will Think You’re Melting!

Food is an impossible subject to cover in such a limited space. Food can be talked about forever. There are so many facets. Where to begin? I’ve been on every side of the fence on this topic. I was a gross overeating, non educated food ingester.. I’ve been vegetarian, vegan, meat eater and on and on. I’ve tried various food programs and reported them for years.

I’ve under eaten, I’ve overeaten, I’ve fasted, I’ve juiced, I’ve done it all.

To briefly summarize, what becomes important is that we’re meant to eat and we’re meant to exercise. Modern conveniences have taken that away from us. Due to hectic stressful lifestyles, we’ve adopted what’s easy and we do what we can to make things easy and convenient.

What we MUST do is eat an abundance of whole foods.

If you don’t know what a whole food is, where would you begin looking for them and then how in the heck would you know what to do with them?

Our bodies are meant to move. We must move them. We must exercise in both a resistance and cardiovascular nature. We must weight train and do cardio.

We must eat whole foods. Real foods.

That’s the deal.

There is no magic pill

It’s all about putting in the time. Learning, being and doing. Learn what to do, do it and never giving up.

First educate yourself. Learn what it takes to improve your diet and about exercise. Then begin to put it into practice.

Then, and most importantly, never give up.

What if you had a plan, laid out week by week, by a guy who’s been where you’re at and gone through what you’re going through to hold you by the hand and teach you all the tools you need – one week at a time, step by step?

Yes…. Step By Step.

Baby steps to weight loss, but as you’ll see from the testimonials on this page, the results are hardly small. People who follow this course and material are dropping 4, 5, even 7 pounds in a week!

Any other weight loss book or course gives you the entire thing, overwhelming you with a ton of information that you may or may not even understand.

I’ve led groups of people up mountains bigger than what you’re facing and they did it one step at a time.

If you’re driving from New York to Los Angeles (clear across the country), you don’t have to see the entire road ahead of you, just the next 200 feet. As your round each corner, the next part of the path is laid out in front of you.

Such it is with this course.

Learn the Fat Loss Fundamentals

Learn 1 Principle, Put It Into Practice, Get The Results, Then Move On

Learn one principle, and put it into practice for an entire week until you completely grasp it, then when you’re ready to move on, you do.

You do not get lost in an ocean of information, food names, techniques or principles., I guarantee it!

You learn ONE thing, You APPLY it, you ANCHOR it, you GET RESULTS and then you move on.

Each principle sets the foundation to blow through more and more fat each and every week.

I like the design how it builds on itself, one concept for each week so you figure that out and then move on to something else.

I need to be able to form habits and a routine in order for it to stick. I don’t like the weight loss plans that have an outline for what to eat at every meal every day. With that system you would have to make 10 or so different recipes before you start your week.

Here the recipes are pretty simple and basic, I can prepare a meal in about 10 - 15 minutes or less. I didn’t know i could do that before.

Brandon Rolheiser, Edmonton, Canada

The principles for good health have been handed down for centuries but we’ve simply lost them to big business and what the pharmaceutical companies have been pushing on us.

Sickness and obesity is BIG BUSINESS. They’ll do whatever they can to keep us addicted to salt, sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, additives, artificial stimulants and fat (the bad fat).

I’m so thankful that I became a student of natural health and weight loss. I’ve learned valuable lessons and I’ve gotten so good at it that I can answer a readers email, suggest a few things and have them get instant results with it. The principles are almost always the same. Feed the body the way it’s meant to be fed and it will take care of itself


Hi Rob,

I thought I would email you after 1 week as I actually started a week ago. My weight today is 219, wow what you suggested help me drop 10 lbs after 1 week.

James Sanchez, North Hollywood, Ca

Thank you so much Rob,

your ideas of losing weight has changed my life…..
replacing sweetened drinks with water is the best one yet

by just doing that alone I lost over 10 pounds of fat and replaced them with 5 pounds of muscle. My body used to feel soooooo heavy but since i started drinking water….i feel light and more energetic

I thank you for all your help… your story really inspired me

THANK YOU!!!!:-)

Djibrill Cisse, Liverpool

Your tips have been a great help. I followed them about 80%, with one cheat day, and I’ve lost 10lbs this week.

Stephen Carter

I’ve been incorporating your techniques and have lost 71lbs so far. I have a ways to go, but I’ve now got the ball rolling. Thanks again.

Adam Springer

I’ve taken years of my own experience, the principles that led me through a 300 pound fat loss, and put them into a clearly laid out 12 week plan that walks you through each one.

Step by step, you apply what you’re learning and you get results on a week to week basis.

Each week compounds on the week before, creating a system that you can follow for life.

You can do this alone, or with your family, it works either way.

I am 100% committed to your success, so much so that I have incorporated an accountability program right into the design.

Not everyone likes being held accountable, but for THOSE WHO DO, there are checks and balances built into the program that you must complete before you are allowed to move forward. This keeps you squarely focused on what it is that you’re doing and the new things you’re learning.

For those who do not need accountability, no problem, you’re covered too

There are NO HINTS as to what’s coming next and you cannot read ahead. You have one principle to learn and incorporate each week and that’s it.

It’s a Simple and Effortless Program

I would have to describe my experience so far as amazing. I’ve had a lot of health problems and have not been able to lose weight easily at all. The weight has seemed to come off of me effortlessly with this program. And above all, I feel great! Most diets leave me feeling dragged down and tired; with this program I feel completely the opposite. I have so much energy that I’m able to keep going most of the day without having to resort to a caffeine fix in the middle of the afternoon. I’ve always wanted to eat healthier and more natural foods, but haven’t really known where to start. This program has made it seem effortless. I look forward to getting each new week to see what we’ll be working on next! Thanks Rob for the inspiration and direction - you are a lifesaver!

Justina B

I am enjoying the challenge and liking all the knowledge that I am getting so far. I have become more conscious of everything and am incorporating more whole foods into my amily’s lives and mine (and they don’t even know it.) With working and two little ones, I feel like I am on the clock after work to have a healthy meal on the table within an hour.

Roxy Heinen, Alberta Canada

This isn’t just a new way of learning how to eat. It’s a change from the normal basic 4 food groups, or the nutrition information they teach you about at school, and how you learn how to eat from your friends and family influence. This is a more healthy way of eating, getting back to the basics.

Brandon Rolheiser

Not only is it easy, simple and effective, the results you get occur right off the bat.

Weight starts coming off as soon as you start, and continues to come off week after week.

Just follow the program as it’s outlined. You don’t have to know if you’re even doing it right or if what you’re doing each week will work within the context of the following week – I take care of all that for you.

You do your part – SHOP, COOK and EAT (and do your homework)

I’ll do the rest.

You’ll be provided with the perfect material at the exact moment you need it, no sooner, and not until you’ve completely anchored the principles that come before.

You’ll Be Shopping For New Clothes After The First Month!

Each week you’ll be checking in with your results and eventually shopping for new clothes and finding things to do with the extra energy you’ve magically generated.


I followed everything you told us the first week…amazing. Four pounds gone. Wow! I can’t wait to start the next week’s menu


[Then I heard from RoseAnn again 2 weeks later]


Holy S**t!,

I weigh myself every Sunday morning. I have dropped a total of 15 pounds! Wow. I expected another two pounds at the most, as I didn’t notice any “missing food” from my diet, but I lost 7 pounds in a week!?!?! Is that normal on this?

I’m following everything you say to the letter…

I am amazed that this old dog has learned new tricks…who would of known that following the principles from the first week could have such an impact!

Once again, thank you!


I am doing really good and I am on week 3 and I have lost 25 pounds so far and I am feeling damn awesome!! The principles and recipes in week 3 are so good and I am looking forward to week 4.

Jeremy Crocker, BC, Canada

The principles compound on one another, allowing your body to begin releasing all the stored energy you’ve been sitting on for so many years.

And it’s not just about fat loss, it’s about improvements in everything going on IN your body and ON your body. Skin improves, hair improves, mood improves and you begin to get a control over cravings.

Did I mention that your skin improves?

Who Wouldn’t Want Clear, Tight, Glowing Skin?

I’ve learned to be conscious of my body and how it responds to changes in my diet. Eating is now a study in how nutrients affect me and less of a sensory experience. Sure, I still eat things that look good, or tatse good or make me feel good, but I observe how they affect me. I have noticed my clothes fitting better, my skin is glowing, and my focus is better. I’m eating less because I’m finding that dont feel hungry as often. In fact, I’ve rarely been hungry since I started your program.

“Princess Tangee”

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!

RoseAnn P

“I don’t think weight loss is an accurate indicator of health [however,] I have noticed my clothes fitting better, my skin is glowing, and my focus is better”

“…down 14 pounds” - Gwenna G

“down 15 pounds and I’ve now bought a measuring tape to keep track of inches lost”
- RoseAnn P

“I’ve lost about 6 pounds (3kg) and it shows. I even used the opportunity to buy some new clothes. It was my tummy that lost this weight and I look so much better, and sleep better.”
- Ingibjorg

“down a total of 10 pounds since beginning”
- Justina B

Your body is a machine – the most wonderful machine ever created. It’s supposed to be self correcting and regenerating in nature, but we’ve abused that and overwhelmed it with unholy concoctions created for profit and simplicity.

When we empower our body once again, and allow it to function the way it was designed, it’s takes full advantage of the resources and begins to reverse itself.

I know what you’re thinking too, “Oh, I’m sure it might work but it probably uses foods that I hate or that taste horrible”. “It’s probably too difficult to follow and it will be confusing for me”

What if the very foods you’ve been avoiding were incorporated in a week by week plan allowing you to find ways to enjoy them and more importantly that resulted in more energy and the weight loss you’ve been looking for?

Rob, I just had to write. I know I said last week that I felt wonderful - well this week is a hundred times better. I did some blood work earlier in the week and got the results back last night and my doctor wanted to know what I’ve been doing, she was so impressed by the improvements she saw!

If I can get this kind of results in the first two weeks, well I can’t wait to see what the next 10 bring!

Thanks so much Rob for this, this is exactly what I needed to jump start my life into being healthy.

Justina B

I hate to be a bother… but I just HAVE to say this:

What you recommended in this weeks installment is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever eaten! Firstly, coming from the standpoint that I have thyroid disease and possibly lupus - I am frequently tired, sluggish, and frequently constipated. So here’s the deal: after only 2 weeks, I can think clearly, I’m not in any kind of pain that requires Tylenol, Motrin, or anything! No heartburn, no cravings (except I DO look forward to the special ingredient in week 2, they’re soooo yummy!) I just feel plain awesome.

Eating better has seriously exceeded my expectations. I am without constipation now too, which is #1 the greatest thing on the planet as far as I can tell. I cannot wait to see week #3’s materials!!!!

And one more time, I loooove the secret ingredient from week 2, I’m using it many times throughout my day, in everything I eat!

Rebecca Leonard

I know this stuff works, I’ve lived it and proved it to myself a long time ago.

Whenever someone asks, I give them the lowdown in a simple, no nonsense way. When they put it into practice, they get results.

I ONLY ever coach people who WANT help, I never give unsolicited advice, because it’s simply not received.

It’s a simple fact that you’ve got to want to do this. It works, but you’ve got to want it.

By ONLY Following
The Principles From Week One,
You Would Consistently Lose Weight
Week After Week After Week

It’s So simple in fact, that if you only did what I advise from week one, you’ll be on your way to a slimmer you in no time at all. That’s the dead honest truth – just the material from week one will have you more energetic, alert and dropping pounds if you continue to do it, year round.

For those who want to continue and increase their results, there’s week 2.

Then week 3, week 4 and so on.

This is the course you’ve been looking for all your life.

This is the chance to finally take action and learn step by step, week by week, how to improve how you eat and finally take control over your eating and your health.

I told you that when I first made my decision to do something about the situation I got myself into, that I decided to focus on my health, not my weight.

I do the same thing here.

This is not a weight loss course. This is not a diet.

I teach you how to change your life
and reap the rewards that come with it

…. all through changing the food you eat and how you eat it.

Yet, I know what you’re sayingRob, I’m looking for a diet and a weight loss program!

Maybe it’s just me, but I HATE the word diet. I’ve long said that diets do not work, because they don’t. When you drastically cut your calories, you put your body into starvation mode and everything slows down. You’re tired, cranky and could bite people’s heads off.

And then, once you’ve gone through the diet for a week or two, you’re so overwhelmed with stress and cravings that you eat a weeks worth of food all in one day.

Where does that leave you?

You’re looking for a diet right? Because you have to do something about your weight right?

Well what I propose to tell you is that you don’t need to diet at all, but instead re-consider how you eat and the foods you eat. Eat more foods that you may have ever eaten before, but eat them in the right way and your body will begin to respond in more ways than you ever thought possible.

Your whole body begins to function the way it was designed and you’re blessed with …

More Energy, Better Sleep, Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Cholesterol, Clear Skin, Lower Stress Levels, Take A Load Off Your Heart and
Put An End To Nagging Cravings

Some of the benefits you may come to experience:

  • Lose weight, week in week out
  • Have more energy
  • Clearer, more vibrant skin
  • Control over cravings for sugar, salt and alcohol
  • Improved bowel functioning and easier bowel movements
  • Easier time putting your socks and shoes on
  • Easier getting in and out of bed
  • Reduction in body odor
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • Increased good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Fat loss, fat loss, fat loss!

You’re probably expecting the usual weight loss program, one that suggests you eat 6 meals a day, protein first at each meal and the higher the protein the better.

Truth is that I mention meat only once or twice in this program, and mostly as an aside.

The way I see it, every one reading this page has a fairly good grasp on meats, how to cook them and I can practically guarantee that you certainly know how to OVER CONSUME it.

Meat is is pretty hard to mess up.

Meat is easy.

It’s everything else on this planet that is in critical need of explanation, and the sooner the better, for both our sakes. This is information you need to share with your children so they can share it with your grandchildren. This information needs to be shared with the people you love.

We’re living in some harsh economic times and when push comes to shove, learning how to take care of our bodies and stay healthy and happy is such critical information.

You don’t need a recipe for a new way to cook steak or marinade a chicken, you need to know how to nourish your body on a budget so that you don’t get sick.

You need to know how to feed your family and yourself with maximum nutritional density and get the most amount of nutrition out of each bite.

You need to know that you’re getting value for your hard earned dollar.

In fact, wouldn’t it be interesting (and valuable) if you were able to save a TON of money by eating the way I describe?

Improving your health saves you money each year on health care, medications and lost income from being sick.

One could call this the recession diet, but as I quite clearly have told everyone involved so far,

This Is Not A Diet, this is a food training program. I was going to call it “Food Fundamentals” or even “Food School

Before any Vegetarians begin freaking out on me, rest assured, I do not discuss the buying of meat, or consuming of meat, just some meat “corrections” if you will.

by learning how to eat BETTER

When you open any book on health or nutrition the table of contents clearly lays out what you’re about to read and in what order. You can skip over the parts that you’re not interested in and go straight to the recipes or the “controversial parts”

The entire contents of Fat Loss Fundamentals is controversial.

What I won’t do is tell you what’s in it nor in the order you’ll receive it - you get it in the order it’s best intended, and you follow it step by step

Remember, I was grossly overweight - I was HUGE, and I know what it’s like. I have walked in your shoes and you need a program that addresses your specific situation.

Here’s just a taste of what you’re going to be let in on. The same principles that I GUARANTEE will turn you from the “BIG GUY OR GAL” into “that slim attractive guy or gal” sporting the body you’ve always wanted and everyone admires.

  • Discover the #1 most critical weight loss strategy you cant live without.
    The most important habit to form and continue day in and day out that keeps your fat burning furnace burning all day long, 24 / 7. The habit that’s more important than exercise and literally puts an end to overeating.
  • Learn exactly what foods you can snack on at night – guilt free!
    Put an end to overeating at night, and snack your way to a good nights sleep.
  • Learn exactly how to eat in a Step By Step weekly program.
    Learn how to eat and shop one week at a time so you’re not overwhelmed with a ton of new things. Don’t be confused any longer about what real food looks like or how to prepare it.
  • Create tasty new recipes each week while continuing to eat what you love.
    Continue to eat the way you already eat, but learn a few new things to do each day or every other day – step by step, the simple way.
  • Learn the secret ingredient that PUTS AN END TO CRAVINGS
    This is my “forgotten about” life long secret ingredient that obliterates cravings for sugar, chocolate, bad carbohydrates, popcorn, dorito’s and even alcohol. Use this daily and your fat loss results will explode. Instead of fighting your craving, most of your time will be spent shopping for new clothes and planning your vacation get aways to show off your new body.
  • Stay motivated with built in weekly challenges once you complete the course.
    With my personally selected 3 day, 5 day, week long or 30 day challenges, you can participate with others in learning fat blasting techniques and immediately see the results of your action.
  • Side step the top 20 ways to screw up in the kitchen.
    By simply avoiding these suicide eating techniques that 98% of obese people do, you will make twice the gains in half the time! You’ll be eating smarter… not less, and the results will blow your mind.
  • Maximize these Course Principles in my RAPID FAT LOSS handbook
    Take yourself to the next level after you’ve completed the ground work and accelerate your results for as long as you like. The Rapid Fat Loss handbook is my free guide for anyone completing the course and simply “asking for it”. It’s so specialized that you have to sign a digital disclaimer before beginning.
  • Blast through weight loss plateaus like they were butter.
    Learn why plateaus happen and how to bust through them to get the scale or tape measure moving the very next day.
  • Make binge eating work to your advantage.
    Find out why we binge eat and how we can either stop it or make it work to our advantage. What if you could binge eat every once in a while and drop a few pounds at the same time? Interested? It’s TOUGH to do though, be warned!
    Learn what calories are, understand why it’s important to know what they are and how they apply to you, and then never count them again.
  • Find out why it’s in the food companies best interest to keep you fat.
    … and then stop buying into their little tricks and gimmicks once and for all.
  • Stop doing this ONE thing and virtually eliminate acne forever.
    While at the same time… you guessed it… supercharge your fat loss results.
  • Learn exactly how to optimize 6 principles and anchor life long results.
    These 6 principles are at the core of how your body functions, so learning them and applying them for life will keep your body running in tip top form, into your eighties, nineties or beyond.
  • Eat Chocolate and Lose Weight (This Is No Lie!)
    Stop worrying about eating chocolate and simply eat the RIGHT chocolate. This is a chocolate lovers dream. Eat chocolate that supports brain health, ends cravings and eliminates hunger for up to 3 hours. It’s the same chocolate that I have almost every day and especially before I train in the gym to maximize my focus and intensity.
  • Find out how to turn your stress response to low and keep it there.
    Instead of combating or overcoming stress responses with eating, turn the volume down and not only put them further between, but turn the stress noise down so low that it’s simply not an issue any longer.

Fat Loss Fundamentals is a course that you have to experience. You have to put your full attention on the material at hand, do it to the best of your ability and when you’re ready for the next week, you go get it.

There is no looking forward.

There is no reading ahead.

You learn and apply each week and get the results which then prepares you for the following week.

You could be the worst shopper in the world and have never even walked into a supermarket before and ACE this course getting the same results as those you’ve already read.

You get the same results by taking baby steps, one thing at a time, you anchor the habit and then you move on.

My dad used to say “Rob, do one thing very well, then move on” and it’s a principle I’ve lived my life by.

You can do this.

You can take action on your life and your weight or your health right this minute.

It’s simple      It’s easy      It’s effective.

There are no calories to count, nothing to weigh and very little to measure.

You learn the concept of calories, but you certainly do not count them!

Each week you’re given a shopping list and over the course of the 12 week program, you slowly change the contents of your fridge and your pantry.

It happens naturally.

In fact one of your first assignments is to take a picture of your fridge because you won’t recognize what it looked like when you complete the course.

One of the best parts is that
I don’t tell you to remove anything from your diet

That’s right.

The testimonials you’ve read on this page are from people who have begun to eat again, to eat foods and to follow principles that I recommend without having removed anything from their diet.

Now to say that you never remove anything from your diet isn’t completely true, because eventually I have to spill the beans about a few things that could simply save your life if you continued on with them.

However, I’m confident enough with what it is I’m teaching and the results my students are achieving to say that “you choose what to remove from your diet yourself”

Nobody listed on this page read anything that told them to remove a single thing from their current program.

You go on eating exactly as you’ve been eating and only add the foods and the principles that I deliver.

If you’re vegetarian, continue to be a vegetarian.

If you’re a meat eater, continue to eat meat.

If you eat at McDonalds 3x a week, continue to do that

Just follow the program as the people who’ve gone before you have done and get the same results.

Each week you’ll feel better and begin to make better choices.

You’ll become more familiar with your body and as it begins to respond to what you do, you’ll get immediate feedback about what you should and should not be eating along with what I tell you to eat.

Is that simple enough?

Keep eating what you’re eating,
Add these new principles And
Get the results you’ve always been looking for

The definition of insanity is “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result

I’ve been where you’re at, in many more ways than one.

I’ve been grossly obese at 475 pounds, and been referred to as “our 400 pound friend”

I’ve broken chairs when I sat on them and was called the “furniture stress tester”

I used to choose the chair with the best support before I sat down, never putting my full weight on the chair, but propping myself up partially with my legs

I used to have to get down on the floor to put my socks on because I couldn’t lift my leg to my knee

I Couldn’t go in the rides at amusement parks because I couldn’t fit in the seats

I Got locked to the bottom of a bathtub when my flab created a “vapor lock”

I Had to roll out of bed because I couldn’t sit upright by myself

I missed my grandmothers funeral because I didn’t have a suit and couldn’t find one that fit me

And been in many more embarrassing moments and situations only we big guys and gals have come to know oh too well.

It’s time to take action, It’s
Time To Move Forward With Your Life
And Begin Your Own Personal
“Next Chapter”

OK, so now you are probably wondering how much is this gonna cost you…Let me ask you this:

How Much Money Would You Be Willing To Pay… If You Knew For Certain… That In Just 4 Weeks Of Following This Course, You could be 15, 20 or 25 pounds lighter?

Think about it for a second. Remember all the rejection you’ve experienced in your life from being too fat. Think about how much easier it is for your good-looking “normal weight” friends to get members of the opposite sex.

Think about how many years of your life have been spent un-happy just because you’re body wasn’t “up-to-par” for everyone’s standards. Imagine how much more respect you’ll instantly get when you don’t look so fat. Imagine being able to fit into the airplane seat or the amusement park ride.

Now, consider how much money you’ve spent on supplements that haven’t helped you. Count up all the diet pills and books you’ve paid for that went to waste because the rest of your diet wasn’t on-target.

I personally feel like this information is easily worth $1,000. You’re getting over 15 years of my life living the answer that you’ve been looking for…all condensed into one heck of a nutrition and health training guide. But I’m feeling generous, maybe too generous, and I’m gonna go out on a limb here because I know just how painful it is to be fat…

All The Risk Is On Me

If for any reason (or no reason at all), you decide this information is not right for you just email me at any time within 60 days of purchase and I’ll buy it back.

Keep Eating the Way You’re Eating

Make One Change a Week

Get Results

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Even Better Than Risk Free…

When I first created Fat Loss Fundamentals, my original plan was to sell it at the usual $77 or $97 dollars. (It’s a ton of work writing and researching a book) but so many people have already read about it and have seen the prices that I didn’t feel right about raising the price without warning.

So I have decided to release the next 300 copies for just $47 dollars.

As soon as these 300 copies sell then the price of Fat Loss Fundamentals will go up to $77 dollars.

I’m not kidding and this is not a trick.

If you know me, I’m all about taking action. You’ve read my emails telling you to “drink more water – do it now!” and I am willing to reward those who take action with this low price.

After 300 copies are sold at $47, the price WILL increase to $77 where it will stay as more bonus items and action courses are added.

What To Do Next …

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At the correct time, when the bonus material is appropriate, you’ll receive it, so that it has the most impact and you can put it to use, relative to what you’re doing at the time!

The most important thing is to follow the information in each weeks material and do nothing else – unless I tell you otherwise.

The related unadvertised bonus’s will be delivered when they relate to the material at hand, and no sooner.

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guaranteeIn return for giving you this iron clad money back guarantee, all I ask is that after reviewing the course materials, if you agree they are everything I’ve said they are, that you A) recommend them to your friends, and B) send me an email with a testimonial about how this eating program helped you achieve your fat loss goals.

Fair enough?

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Rob Cooper,
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Available as Instant Download! Nothing Will Be Shipped To You.
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